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Advocate along with the Greater Merced High-Speed Rail Committee to locate the California high-speed rail maintenance facility at the former Castle Air Force base. The California High-Speed Rail Authority has estimated that the construction and operation needs of a high-speed train heavy maintenance facility (“HMF”) will require 1,500 employees. These jobs are planned to be full time positions.

Locating the HMF at Castle can serve as an anchor for other maintenance ancillary businesses and provide economic spin-off during construction and during the ongoing operation of the project circulating through the local economy and stimulating additional job creation, income and tax benefits for the region.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority will select a community for a HMF based on several elements and criteria, one being the community’s willingness to steward the project. We are committed to changing our business and economic community for the better. We encourage you to show your support of locating the HMF at Castle in the Merced region.

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