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Below are fact sheets and featured publications provided by the California High-Speed Rail Authority for the Merced to Fresno section:

  1. Brochure about the Merced to Fresno Final EIR/EIS
  2. Executive Summary for the Merced to Fresno Final EIR/EIS
  3. Highlights of the Merced to Fresno Final EIR/EIS
  4. California High-Speed Rail Big Picture
  5. Central Valley Factsheet
  6. Creating Jobs Through High-Speed Rail
  7. High-Speed Rail Funding and Finance
  8. High-Speed Rail Right of Way
  9. Investing in California Small Businesses
  10. High-Speed Rail Connectivity and Bookends
  11. High-Speed Rail: An International Success Story
  12. Statewide Rail Modernization Plan

For more information regarding the Merced to Fresno section of the high-speed rail section visit the following link:

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